Azure IoT Hub – Perth SQL Server User Group

It was great to present Streaming data with Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Blob Storage, Azure SQL DB and Power BI at Perth SQL Server User Group.

In this session I presented the following:

  • Overview of IoT and IIoT;
  • Overview and provision of Azure SQL Database;
  • Provision of Azure Blob Storage;
  • Overview and Provision of Azure IoT Hub;
  • Azure IoT Reference Architecture;
  • Create a Power BI Dataset to receive real-time data;
  • Overview and Provision of Azure Stream Analytics

I also, demo a Raspberry Pi with temperature sensor streaming data to Azure IoT Hub and how to store streaming data in an Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL database. For visualization, I used Power BI to show real-time data.

Azure IoT Presentation Mar'17 Photo 4

In the following months, I am planning to post how to setup the demo above.

You can find the presentation in the following link:

Thanks all for attending it.





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