Power BI previous versions


Every month Microsoft releases Power BI updates, which is great as every month new features are added to Power BI.

In the last 18 months, I have tried to keep a copy of all Power BI versions, so if anyone needs to use a previous version you can download from the table below.

Power BI Version Release Link
2.31.4280.661 64-bit January 2016 Download
2.33.4337.501 64-bit March 2016 Download
2.34.4372.501 64-bit April 2016 Download
2.35.4399.381 64-bit May 2016 Download
2.35.4399.601 64-bit May 2016 Download
2.36.4434.362 64-bit June 2016 Download
2.37.4464.321 64-bit July 2016 Download
2.37.4464.461 64-bit July 2016 Download
2.38.4491.642 64-bit August 2016 Download
2.39.4526.362 64-bit September 2016 Download
2.40.4554.361 64-bit October 2016 Download
2.40.4554.463 64-bit October 2016 Download
2.41.4581.361 64-bit November 2016 Download
2.42.4611.482 64-bit January 2017 Download
2.42.4611.701 64-bit January 2017 Download
2.42.4611.901 64-bit January 2017 Download
2.43.4647.541 64-bit February 2017 Download
2.44.4675.422 64-bit March 2017 Download
2.44.4675.521 64-bit March 2017 Download
2.45.4704.442 64-bit April 2017 Download
2.45.4704.722 64-bit April 2017 Download
2.46.4732.461 64-bit May 2017 Download
2.46.4732.581 64-bit May 2017 Download
2.47.4766.542 64-bit June 2017 Download
2.47.4766.801 64-bit June 2017 Download
2.48.4792.481 64-bit July 2017 Download
2.48.4792.721 32-bit July 2017 Download
2.48.4792.721 64-bit July 2017 Download
2.49.4831.521 32-bit August 2017 Download
2.49.4831.521 64-bit August 2017 Download
2.50.4859.502 32-bit September 2017 Download
2.50.4859.502 64-bit September 2017 Download

You can see features details from Power BI previous version in this link.

All versions from December 2017 until NOW are available here.

Note: You may have issues when using a lower version of Power BI Desktop and publish to Power BI Service.

If you have Power BI Desktop from Feb’16 or before 2016, can you please share it with me.


58 thoughts on “Power BI previous versions

  1. Hi, Can you please provide me with Power BI Desktop Version: 2.90.782.0 64-bit (February 2021) installation file.


  2. Hello there, very useful blog. Much appreciated.

    Quick question, please, do you have the version from March 2020 or February? All my reports are broken with the update of May 2020 😦

    If you can tell me where can I get it will be life saver!

    Thank you

  3. Hi!
    I am hoping you have Power BI desktop RS October 2017? My organization has an on prem server and this is the only compatible version.

    I will be very grateful if You will be able to help me!

  4. Hi, I am hoping you have pbi desktop RS march 2018? we have an on prem server and this is the only compatible version.

    Thank yoU!

  5. Hi,

    Can i downgrade my Enterprise gateway to Old version? Ex. Our OnPrem is on April ’18 and i want it to downgrade it to March ’18 version to test some functionality.

    1. Hi Roberto,

      Unfortunately I don’t have previous versions of PBI gateway.


  6. Hi, very useful site, thank you. Can you please update the table with an exact date to each row when the new monthly update is actually announced ? It would be very useful to see when the monthly updates are typically coming and updating the PBI Desktop application automatically via Win10 Store. Thank you, Tamas

  7. This is a great resource, really got me out of a sticky situation today as I had to roll back to a previous version. Thank you

  8. I work for a company that uses Power BI solutions heavily. This is a great page, it is invaluable to have access to older versions of the desktop in order to troubleshoot problems.

    Thanks for this!

  9. This really helps me out. I met one Power BI latest version issue and tried with the version in Nov and it’s gone. Thank you so much.

  10. I can’t find the Power Pivot official download page on Microsoft website anymore…has Microsoft pulled the plug-in and consolidated everything into Power BI only?

    1. Hi Alessandro, if you are using Excel 2010 you can download PowerPivot from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29074

      If you are using Excel 2013 or 2016, PowerPivot is already installed and you just have to enable it. See how to enable it:https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Start-the-Power-Pivot-in-Microsoft-Excel-add-in-a891a66d-36e3-43fc-81e8-fc4798f39ea8?CTT=1&CorrelationId=79137541-6c36-42d8-acda-197eca5ba2fa&ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US&ocmsassetID=HA102837097



      1. Hi Sergio, sorry but that’s not entirely correct. The Power Query plug-in for Excel 2013 is regularly updated. The one for Excel 2016 is as is and cannot be updated unless you have office 365. The link for the Excel 2013 plug-in recently disappeared…I wouldn’t know where I can find it now.

      2. Hi Alessando, for Excel 2013, PowerPivot updates and bug fixes were included on Excel KB/hotfix. Please see a few examples:

        If you are having issues with your version of PowerPivot, please contact MS support. Please see list of Excel versions that supports PowerPivot https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Where-is-Power-Pivot-aa64e217-4b6e-410b-8337-20b87e1c2a4b


      1. there’s a lenghty post over here: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Desktop/Unable-to-Start-Power-BI-Desktop-We-weren-t-able-to-connect-to/td-p/14115/page/6 …apparently it’s a format-related issue (only English-US works…i had English-Europe and I couldn’t start PowerBi) that should hopefully be solved with next release that’s due some time this month. BTW thanks for maintaining this Power BI “repository”: you really saved me this past month!

  11. Thank you! I have problems with opening the latest PowerBI version. Previous version works very well..

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