3 Seconds of Fame & Experience at PASS Summit 2017

This year was my second year at PASS Summit and I can summarize these five days as inspiring, connecting, sharing and learning.

I have been interviewed by PASS TV, where I had my 3 seconds of fame 😊 and it was a great experience to talk about this event.

If you have a chance to attend PASS Summit next year, don’t think twice…In this post, I tell you WHY…

It is a fantastic way to meet people, don’t be shy, just go and be open to make new friends.

I realized that the PASS Summit is much more than upskilling, but it is also a great place where professionals get together for a week of learning, career development and have fun at the same time.

PASS Summit is the world’s largest technical training conference for Microsoft data professionals and I feel grateful for attending PASS Summit 2017.

It was a busy week, with hundreds of sessions and events. The sessions had different levels, which helped the attendees to find the right session to go. See Session Skill Levels below:

  • 100 Level – Novice
  • 200 Level – Intermediate
  • 300 Level – Advanced
  • 400 Level – Expert
  • 500 Level – Advanced Expert

At PASS Summit 2017 I could attend and learn more about Power BI, Best Practices for SQL Developers, Analysis Services, SQL Server 2017 new features and much more. Check out all sessions delivered at PASS Summit 2017:


Every night I had a chance to attend events and catch up with professionals from all around the world.

Thanks to SQL family for the great nights

PASSSummit2017_SQL Family 1
PASSSummit2017_SQL Family 2
PASSSummit2017_SQL Family 3

Thanks PASS for organizing the Women in Technology happy hour and the amazing Women in Technology Luncheon where Heather Ritchie presented “He Says. She Says. Bridging Communication Gaps That Prevent Great Ideas From Being Heard”.

PASSSummit2017_Women in Technology 1
PASSSummit2017_Women in Technology 2
PASSSummit2017_Women in Technology Luncheon

Make new friends and share life experience are two things that inspire me and at PASS Summit I met people from all around the world.

PASSSummit2017_Reception Party 1
PASSSummit2017_Reception Party 2
PASSSummit2017_Reception Party 3
PASSSummit2017_PASS Community Wall 2

Thanks PASS for the opportunity to be Volunteer, it was an amazing experience.

PASSSummit2017_PASS Community Wall 1

PASS Summit 2017 also hosted the 4th Annual Speaker Idol, it was the chance to test the speaking skills and compete for a guaranteed session at PASS Summit 2018

Congrats to all participants, finalists and winner 😊

PASS Community Zone is the place to meet friends from across the world.

PASSSummit2017_Community Zone
PASSSummit2017_Community Zone 1

Microsoft Data Clinic

BI team from Microsoft was available to answer any technical question at SQL Clinic.

PASSSummit2017_Microsoft Team

Microsoft Booth

Program Manager from Microsoft was available to talk about product query and roadmap.

PASSSummit2017_Microsoft Booth

A Big Thank You to All Sponsors!

PASSSummit2017_Pass 2017_Sponsors

PASS Mission

“Empower data professionals who leverage Microsoft technologies to Connect, Share, and Learn through networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-based learning.” (Summit 2017 – PASS, Program Guide, p.5)

I am looking forward to attending PASS Summit 2018.


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