Power BI Features Insights

Power BI Features Insights

Hi All,

Power BI is a powerful tool to analyse data and share insights, that’s the reason this month I decided to create a quick Power BI report to show an insight of all releases since July 2015.

I really enjoy working with Power BI and I appreciate how Microsoft Power BI Team listens the community and improve it every month.

Power BI was made generally available in July 2015 and since then a lot of new features have been released almost every month. The only month without release was December 2016.

Since July 2015 Microsoft has released 513 new features in Power BI. This is fantastic!!! Thanks Microsoft and Power BI Team.

Special thanks to Amanda Cofsky, Kim Manis, Filip Karadzic and Miguel Llopis for the monthly updates.

I really enjoy seeing every month the progress of this wonderful business analytics tool, which makes me proud to work with Microsoft Analytics stack.


Sabrina Motta

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