Free Power BI Training and Books

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Almost every week a friend, colleague, customers or family members (yes, family member…) ask me about Power BI Training. This is the reason I decided to write this post about Free Power BI Training and Books.

On-Line Training


Microsoft provides a good documentation of Power BI, including Power BI Services, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile Apps, Power BI Developer and Power BI Report Server.

You can also download all Power BI documentation in PDF, see below: Power Doc Download PDF

Microsoft provides a Guided Learning for Power BI, which helps you on what to learn first.

There are also over 140 training videos on YouTube from Microsoft Power BI Team, which are part of the “Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI” course available on EdX.


EdX is an open online course provider, used by Universities and Companies to publish courses. Microsoft provides over 200 courses on EdX, including Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Power BI, which provides a great start for who wants to learn Power BI.


Udemy is an online learning platform and also provides a Free training in Power BI “Learn Power BI Basics for Free” with 15 lectures and a total of 10.5 hours of video.

The training is delivered by Vishal Pawar and has some sections delivered by Gil Raviv, Usama Wahab, Patrick LeBlanc, Leila Elaati, Devin Knight, Reza Rad and Marco Russo.


SQLBI is Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo’s website with a lot of videos about DAX, Optimization, Power BI Dashboard, DirectQuery, SSAS and much more. Really recommend, but not for beginners.


There are two free Power BI books from well-known Power BI experts Reza Rad, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari.

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari:

Reza Rad:

Hope it helps you.




3 thoughts on “Free Power BI Training and Books

  1. This is really helpful. Thanks for writing and arranging the links altogether. These are the famous people to be followed for PowerBI.
    Alberto Ferrari, Marco Russo and Reza Rad

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