Power BI – February 2018

Power BI February 2018 version, released on:

5th of February - 2.55.5010.521
12th of February - 2.55.5010.621
16th of February - 2.55.5010.641

Here’s the complete list of February features:



Custom visuals

Data connectivity


Note: Due to WordPress.com storage limitation we moved Power BI 
installation files to SugarSync file storage.

Version 2.55.5010.641

2.55.5010.641 February 2018 32-bit Download
2.55.5010.641 February 2018 64-bit Download

Version 2.55.5010.621

2.55.5010.621 February 2018 32-bit Download
2.55.5010.621 February 2018 64-bit Download

Version 2.55.5010.521

2.55.5010.521 February 2018 32-bit Download
2.55.5010.521 February 2018 64-bit Download

Hope it helps you!



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