Power BI – September 2019

Power BI September 2019 version, released on: 10th of September - 2.73.5586.561 19th of September - 2.73.5586.802 26th of September - 2.73.5586.984 Here’s the complete list of September updates: Reporting Color and text classes in themes New default themes Personalized visualization pane improvements (preview) Unpin default visuals About info for visuals Analytics Custom format strings … Continue reading Power BI – September 2019

Power BI – August 2019

Power BI August 2019 version, released on: 14th of August - 2.72.5556.701 19th of August - 2.72.5556.801 Here’s the complete list of August updates: Reporting Grouping visuals Filter pane auto-update Icon style picker for Icons conditional formatting Conditional formatting warnings Analytics Key influencers improvements Measure support General availability Visualizations xViz visualization suite by Visual BI … Continue reading Power BI – August 2019

Power BI – June 2019

Power BI June 2019 version, released on: 09th of June - 2.70.5494.562 16th of June - 2.70.5494.701 20th of June - 2.70.5494.761 Here’s the complete list of June updates: Reporting Updated pane design Visual level filters for slicers Sorting for the performance analyzer pane Conditional formatting updates for formatting options Visual background and title colors … Continue reading Power BI – June 2019

Power BI – May 2019

Power BI May 2019 version, released on: 17th of May - 2.69.5467.1751 29th of May - 2.69.5467.2151 Here’s the complete list of May updates: Reporting Performance analyzer pane Filter pane improvements (preview) Sorting filter cards Theming support Table and matrix keyboard navigation Line data label position control KPI visual indicator text size control Analytics Key … Continue reading Power BI – May 2019

Power BI – Old Versions

Since January 2016, I am keeping a copy of Power BI versions, see below Power BI versions from January 2016 to November 2017. Note: Due to WordPress.com storage limitation we moved Power BI installation files to SugarSync file storage. Power BI Version Release Link 2.31.4280.661 64-bit January 2016 Download 2.33.4337.501 64-bit March 2016 Download 2.34.4372.501 … Continue reading Power BI – Old Versions