Power BI – July 2018

Power BI July 2018 version, released on: 23rd of July - 2.60.5169.3201 31st of July - 2.60.5169.4101 - ONLY 64-bit Here’s the complete list of July updates: Modeling Composite models (preview) Reporting New visual header with more flexibility and formatting Wallpaper formatting Theming update – more visual and page control (preview) Tooltips for table and … Continue reading Power BI – July 2018

Power BI – April 2018

Power BI April 2018 version, released on: 3rd of April - 2.57.5068.501 13th of April - 2.57.5068.721 Here’s the complete list of April features: Reporting Q&A Explorer (preview) Buttons to trigger actions Combo chart line styles Improved default sort for visuals Numeric Slicer now generally available Analytics Update your linguistic schema New DAX function: COMBINEVALUES() … Continue reading Power BI – April 2018

Power BI – February 2018

Power BI February 2018 version, released on: 5th of February - 2.55.5010.521 12th of February - 2.55.5010.621 16th of February - 2.55.5010.641 Here’s the complete list of February features: Reporting Multi-select data points across multiple charts Sync slicers across multiple pages of your report Numeric range slicer improvement – whole number snapping (preview) Faster geocoding … Continue reading Power BI – February 2018