Power BI – September 2018

Power BI September 2018 version, released on: 11th of September - 2.62.5222.601 18th of September - 2.62.5222.761 Here’s the complete list of September updates: Reporting Dot plot layout support in scatter charts Copy value and selection from table & matrix Built-in report theme options Report page tooltips generally available & Card support Accessibility improvements for … Continue reading Power BI – September 2018

Power BI – August 2018

Power BI August 2018 version, released on: 08th of August - 2.61.5192.601 Here’s the complete list of August updates: Reporting Print reports through Export to PDF Create bookmark groups Theming generally available Slicer restatement Analytics Conditional formatting by values Python integration (preview) Q&A improvements Q&A in Power BI Desktop generally available Better matching experience for … Continue reading Power BI – August 2018

Power BI – July 2018

Power BI July 2018 version, released on: 23rd of July - 2.60.5169.3201 31st of July - 2.60.5169.4101 - ONLY 64-bit Here’s the complete list of July updates: Modeling Composite models (preview) Reporting New visual header with more flexibility and formatting Wallpaper formatting Theming update – more visual and page control (preview) Tooltips for table and … Continue reading Power BI – July 2018

Unleash the power of Azure Data Factory (Webinar)

On Thursday 14th of June 2018, I presented a webinar for Integration Down Under about Azure Data Factory. Thanks to the organizers for this opportunity to talk about one of my favourite Azure product. Integration Down Under is a group organized by Bill Chesnut, Martin Abbott, Dan Toomey, Wagner Silveira and Rene Brauwers that decided to have an Integration focused webcast on … Continue reading Unleash the power of Azure Data Factory (Webinar)

Power BI – May 2018

Power BI May 2018 version, released on: 9th of May - 2.58.5103.501 Here’s the complete list of May features: Reporting Conditional formatting by a different field Advanced slicer syncing Log axis improvements Data label options for funnel chart Set line stroke width to zero Analytics Measure drillthrough Power BI Premium Incremental refresh (preview) Custom visuals … Continue reading Power BI – May 2018

Global Azure Bootcamp – Data Lake Store and Analytics

On 21th of April, I presented Azure Data Lake Store and Analytics at Perth Global Azure Bootcamp for around 40 IT professionals. In this session I presented: What is Data Lake Data Lake Store Data Lake Analytics U-SQL Demo Face Detection Demo Process New York Taxi Data You can find the presentation below: https://www.slideshare.net/szenatti/azure-data-lake-store-and-analytics

Power BI – April 2018

Power BI April 2018 version, released on: 3rd of April - 2.57.5068.501 13th of April - 2.57.5068.721 Here’s the complete list of April features: Reporting Q&A Explorer (preview) Buttons to trigger actions Combo chart line styles Improved default sort for visuals Numeric Slicer now generally available Analytics Update your linguistic schema New DAX function: COMBINEVALUES() … Continue reading Power BI – April 2018