Power BI – Old Versions

Since January 2016, I am keeping a copy of Power BI versions, see below Power BI versions from January 2016 to November 2017. Power BI Version Release Link 2.31.4280.661 64-bit January 2016 Download 2.33.4337.501 64-bit March 2016 Download 2.34.4372.501 64-bit April 2016 Download 2.35.4399.381 64-bit May 2016 Download 2.35.4399.601 64-bit May 2016 Download 2.36.4434.362 64-bit … Read morePower BI – Old Versions

Power BI – March 2019

Power BI March 2019 version, released on: 12th of March – 2.67.5404.581 20th of March – 2.67.5404.801 Here’s the complete list of March updates: Reporting Single select slicer Heat map support for Bing maps Cross-highlight by axis labels Default tooltip formatting Static web URL support for buttons, shapes & images Filter pane improvement Page alignment … Read morePower BI – March 2019

Power BI – November 2018

Power BI November 2018 version, released on: 13th of November – 2.64.5285.701 20th of November – 2.64.5285.741 Here’s the complete list of November updates: Reporting Expand & collapse matrix row headers Copy & paste between Desktop files Updated filtering experience (preview) Report accessibility improvements Analytics Color saturation on visuals upgraded to use conditional formatting Related questions … Read morePower BI – November 2018

Power BI – August 2018

Power BI August 2018 version, released on: 08th of August – 2.61.5192.601 Here’s the complete list of August updates: Reporting Print reports through Export to PDF Create bookmark groups Theming generally available Slicer restatement Analytics Conditional formatting by values Python integration (preview) Q&A improvements Q&A in Power BI Desktop generally available Better matching experience for … Read morePower BI – August 2018

Power BI – July 2018

Power BI July 2018 version, released on: 23rd of July – 2.60.5169.3201 31st of July – 2.60.5169.4101 – ONLY 64-bit Here’s the complete list of July updates: Modeling Composite models (preview) Reporting New visual header with more flexibility and formatting Wallpaper formatting Theming update – more visual and page control (preview) Tooltips for table and … Read morePower BI – July 2018

What is SQLSaturday?

On this post, I will talk about SQLSaturday. I believe some people don’t know what SQLSaturday is and I am so happy to explain it 😊 SQLSaturday is a free 1-day training event for SQL Server professionals that focus on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through … Read moreWhat is SQLSaturday?

Power BI – June 2018

Power BI June 2018 version, released on: 05th of June – 2.59.5135.421 15th of June – 2.59.5135.601 27th of June – 2.59.5135.781 Here’s the complete list of June updates: Reporting High contrast support for reports Donut radius control Pie and donut detail labels position control Format data labels separately for each measure in a combo … Read morePower BI – June 2018

Power BI – March 2018

Power BI March 2018 version, released on: 7th of March – 2.56.5023.861 14th of March – 2.56.5023.942 19th of March – 2.56.5023.1021 Here’s the complete list of March features: Reporting Report page tooltips (preview) Bookmarking is now generally available Display units and precision control for table & matrix columns Turn off the visual header in … Read morePower BI – March 2018

Power BI – February 2018

Power BI February 2018 version, released on: 5th of February – 2.55.5010.521 12th of February – 2.55.5010.621 16th of February – 2.55.5010.641 Here’s the complete list of February features: Reporting Multi-select data points across multiple charts Sync slicers across multiple pages of your report Numeric range slicer improvement – whole number snapping (preview) Faster geocoding … Read morePower BI – February 2018