Power BI World Tour 2017

Next month, I will be presenting Real-time streaming in Power BI at Power BI World Tour in Sydney. The conference starts on the 6th of November and will provide 2 days of technical training in Power BI.

In my session, I will cover the following topics:

  • Types of real-time datasets
  • How to push data to datasets
  • Setup Real-time datasets
  • Business Cases

My main objective is to help you understand the different types of real-time datasets, when and how to use it.

What is the Power BI World Tour?

The Power BI World Tour is a local two day technical conference targeted for the newbie/business user, business analyst, super user, or IT / Administrator of Power BI. Our goal is to bring value added content that is relevant and timely that will take your knowledge of Power BI to the next level, give you an opportunity to network with peers and Industry Experts, and tweak your dashboards so they give your organization the extra edge.

Who is the target audience for the Power BI World Tour?

Our goal is to have something in the World Tour for everyone. For those that are brand new, they will get the chance to learn the fundamentals of Power BI and hopefully by day 2, walk away with your first dashboards developed for your business.

For the Business Analyst, take your usage of Power BI to the next level by learning how to create enhanced visuals relevant to your business situation, automate, secure and distribute your information, and get in early on the Power Apps & Flow train. Additionally, get access to Microsoft MVPs and Microsoft employees that can help answer your burning questions.

If you are more on the developer side and wanting to take your knowledge of the back end or developing within Power BI, this is the place for you. We’ll have experts to challenge and debate the best use of models and coding.

Where do I learn more about the agendas?

Check out our landing page for by city agendas specifically designed by our PUG leaders. Here you can find and download a copy of the tracks, content, and presenters. https://www.pbiusergroup.com/pbiworldtour/

When is the World Tour?

The Power BI World Tour is making a stop in 7 cities around the World. Most are happening at Microsoft but where we couldn’t secure space, we have space at an excellent hotel for you.

London | August 23-24

Copenhagen | August 28-29

New York | September 19-20

Toronto | October 4-5

San Francisco | October 4-5

Chicago | October 11-12

Sydney | November 6-7

 What’s the price?

$399. Find out more here: https://www.pbiusergroup.com/pbiworldtour/

 Are there sponsorship opportunities available?

Absolutely! See here: https://www.pbiusergroup.com/pbiworldtour/sponsors/become-a-partner

Need help?

Contact support@dynamiccommunities.com and we’ll get your questions answered.

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